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Hey, I’m Howie. An IT guy, husband, and father of two. It’s been a long time coming, but I finally setup a blog to post about stuff that I’m interested in. For the most part, I’ll be using this as a means to document my progress as I learn about programming, AI, and other nerdy stuff in general.

In January 2018, I decided to learn how to program. I had taken one or two programming classes during my undergraduate time at Cal Poly Pomona. That was 20 years ago, and the programming language was Ada. The class was taught on a chalkboard, notes were taken on pen and paper, and the projects were done in the computer lab on Sun SPARCstations running Solaris Unix. Homework assignments could only be done in the lab, and everything was command line based. Code was written in a plaintext editor (vi), and there was no such thing as syntax highlighting. Needless to say, it was not an enjoyable experience. My horrible grade in CS140 prompted me to change my major from Computer Science to Computer Information Systems. CIS was a little more practical for my tastes. And a few years into the program, Cal Poly introduced object oriented programming with Java into the curriculum. This was a much needed overhaul, and leveraged modern toolsets and development platforms. I was able to load an IDE onto my Windows 2000 laptop, work on projects in the comfort of my own home, and most importantly, use a mouse! I passed the class, but again, programming did not resonate much with me. I went on to complete my CIS degree with an emphasis in the non programming aspects of IT.

Fast forward to 2018. My IT career lifecycle has run through the gamut of positions, ranging from technical contributor, to strategic advisor, and more recently, to leadership roles. I enjoy my current work as a Project Management consultant, but wanted to develop new technical skills. The programming landscape is very different now, so I decided to give it another shot.

I chose to learn Python because it has the fastest growing rate of adoption of any programming language. It has become the standard for artificial intelligence programming, but still maintains a wide range of applications. After a little research, I discovered that it was a very popular teaching language as well, due to its simple syntax. I would later find out that Python has a great open source community, which further reduces barriers to get up and running quickly.

This website gives me an opportunity to share what I’ve learned, and hopefully help others who are just beginning their journey as well.

I’m also interested in value investing, so I may post some content about that as well. All the better if I can combine programming along with investing.